Brains, Charisma & Audacity – The Theme (1. Brains)

For The Next Titan Season 5, we are looking for people that are mentally ready, perceptive, clever, effective, neat or trim in their appearance, socially elegant, sophisticated, current and charismatic. All these traits and so many more can be summed up in our theme; “Brains, Charisma & Audacity“.

Brains refer to the intellectual capacity of an individual. People who are smart and know where to get whatever information, resources, supplies, training and education they need when they need it are said to have the brains for the job. You need to not be satisfied with one level of advancement of your product, your business or yourself.

An individual applying for The Next Titan Season 5 needs to welcome different perspectives and see opportunities where most do not. They need to be drawn to new ideas, radical thoughts and innovative ways of changing and doing things. One would also need to readily recognize and respond to people and situations, taking care of what needs to be done ahead of schedule.

People with the brains for entrepreneurship know who they are, trust themselves and do not wait for change. They have a natural out-of-the-box way of thinking and can step out of their comfort zone if that is what is required of them.

So if you are applying for The Next Titan Season 5, I believe that you either are this individual or working towards being this individual.

Tip – Write down your goals and plan on paper. Scientist have proven that writing thing down make people believe those things more and work towards them more efficiently. So young entrepreneurs be keen writers, keep a journal.

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