The Unstoppable

Why Stage Season 7?

We believe a time like this needs entrepreneurs, most especially unstoppable entrepreneurs that will bring the world back to its place. It is a time that young people need to be encouraged to create jobs as a lot of people have lost their jobs to the pandemic in the last 6 to 7 months. The economy needs to be strengthened and brought back while jobs losses need to be created.

More importantly, new types of businesses and new ways of doing business need to be encouraged so that businesses will no longer be vulnerable to any pandemic and unexpected lockdown.

The Next Titan Season 7 is staged to encourage job creation in a safe way and teach generality of people how business should be done in the post covid19.

It is also a period where many people are at home, and the show will be able to influence the minds of the people to think entrepreneurship post Covid-19 as a way of building our economy.

The theme of the new season is ‘The Unstoppable’ that is, the Season 7 will be searching for those business ideas that are immune to any pandemic, and technologies that can survive any lockdown.

Show Format for Season 7

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers will be altering the format of The Next Titan Nigeria, and the Season 7 will be treated as special edition with some changes.

Changes in Show format

  • Auditions: Unlike previous seasons that were done in physical venues, Auditions of the Season 7 will be strictly through Video Auditions, and contestants will have to pitch their business ideas through 2 minutes video and upload it.
  • Successful Candidates: Successful candidates that scale through auditions will be notified for the next stage which is Top 50 Bootcamp.
  • Top 50 Bootcamp: Unlike previous seasons, the Top 50 Bootcamp will hold online for 2 weeks, and each contestant will be able to interrelate through their individual dashboards, and the Bootcamp judges will be able to relate with them. The top 50 Contestants will be involved in different engaging activities. They shall perform some tasks online under the supervision of the judges. After their 2-week activities, they shall be shortlisted to Top 25.
  • Top 25 Bootcamp: The best 25 contestants will be invited to Lagos to another around of boot camp which will start as an online and end as physical bootcamp. However, during the online, the contestants will be in isolation for 2 weeks with Covid 19 test conducted on them. After the 2 weeks, they will engage in physical bootcamp activities for 3 days, with strict covid19 measures being put in place.
  • Top 16 Contestants: After the end of the bootcamp, the top 16 contestants will be unveiled, and these 16 entrepreneurs will make it to the house for the 10-week main show on television.
  • Weekly Show Tasks: Due to Covid-19 pandemic, and for the first time on the show, the weekly tasks by the contestants this season will be done indoor within the TITAN HOUSE, as contestants will not be going to the street of Lagos to do their weekly tasks. However, all the tasks shall remain in-house, practical and exciting despite being carried out within the Titan House.
The Unstoppable

Covid-19 Measures​

Measures have been put in place to ensure that the show adheres to the guidelines of the NCDC in order to ensure the safety of the 16 contestants that make it to the house and the production crew. The organizers of The Next Titan will implement necessary safety measures and follow best practices as regarding the Covid -9 safety guidelines.

  • Final 16 contestants will be tested and isolated for 14 days, under the supervision of the NDDC officials; and only the contestants certified with the bill of clean health shall be admitted for the show.
  • Contestants will not be allowed to perform their tasks outside the house this season.
  • Psychologists and Medical personnels shall be on standby to support the contestants and crew.
  • The show premiere for this year will not host guests and outsiders, and will only be coordinated by the Host of the show and the 16 contestants with representatives of sponsors which shall not be more than 20 in number
  • A dedicated crew member assigned to each workspace/department will be responsible for ensuring COVID compliance of the production 
  • Daily temperature checks for all production staff and guests to the House.
  • There will be handwashing facilities and alcohol-based sanitizers at all entry points for use by the production crew.
  • Ensure that the physical distancing guideline of 2 metres is maintained by the production crew working in the House.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the House and production facilities especially commonly used surfaces/objects.
  • All staff entering the house with supplies must wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers.
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