Show Format for Season 8

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the producers will be altering and making the Audition format of The Next Titan Nigeria flexible.

Changes in Show format

  • Auditions 1st Stage: Contestants are expected to pitch their business ideas through a recorded 2 minutes video. They are to log on and fill out the registration form, and then upload their videos.

  • Audition 2nd Stage: At this stage, successful contestants from the first stage will be called for either Interacting Video Audition or Physical Audition depending on the location of the contestants.

  • Top 80 Bootcamp (Online): Successful candidates that scale through auditions will be notified for the next stage which is Top 80 Online Bootcamp. This will hold for 2 weeks, and each contestant will be able to interrelate through their individual dashboards, and the Bootcamp judges will be able to relate with them. The Top 80 Contestants will be involved in different engaging activities. They shall perform some tasks online under the supervision of the judges. After their 2-week activities, they shall be shortlisted to Top 50.

  • Top 50 Bootcamp (Physical): The Top 50 contestants will be invited to Lagos to another around of boot camp where they will engage in physical bootcamp activities for 3 days.

  • Top 16 Contestants: After the end of the bootcamp, the top 16 contestants will be unveiled, and these 16 entrepreneurs will make it to the Titan House for the 10-week main show on television.

  • Weekly Show Tasks:  Due to Covid-19 pandemic, some of the weekly tasks by the contestants this season will be partly indoor in the TITAN HOUSE, while some shall be undertaken outside the house.

Covid-19 Measures​

Measures have been put in place to ensure that the show adheres to the guidelines of the NCDC in order to ensure the safety of the 16 contestants that make it to the house and the production crew. The producers of The Next Titan will implement necessary safety measures and follow best practices as regarding the Covid -9 safety guidelines.

  • Some of the live events of the show this year shall strictly follow government’s guidelines
  • The Premiere/Opening Show event and the Grand finale which usually involve invited guests shall follow government’s guidelines regarding hosting events, and these two events shall host the number of guests permitted by government.
  • A dedicated crew member assigned to each workspace/department will be responsible for ensuring COVID compliance of the production 
  • Daily temperature checks for all production staff and guests to the House.
  • There will be handwashing facilities and alcohol-based sanitizers at all entry points for use by the production crew.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the House and production facilities especially commonly used surfaces/objects.
  • All staff entering the house with supplies must wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers.
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