The Boot Camp Experience

The Boot Camp experience promises to be a fun and exciting because you get to meet people from different parts of the country with different personalities and most especially different business ideas (because that is what you came for). You will encounter people that are so brilliant and breath-taking and might make you wonder why you never thought about such ideas and doubt your competency. So this is an exposé of what the boot camp experience will be like. It will certainly be more exciting and competitive than the past years.

The Boot camp is a 2 – 3-day experience which contains a lot of mind-building programs and activities. After the Top 50 candidates for the boot camp are selected,  they would be informed on the date and location of the boot camp and be conveyed from the point of meeting  to the boot camp.
When you arrive the boot camp, names will be called again and everyone will be paired and assigned rooms. Meals would be provided for everyone. On the day of arrival, there would be a motivational talk and a total run-through  of the activities that would take place. Then some of the sponsors would be invited to speak to the Top 50 contestants. There would also be room for questions and answers.

On the second day, you will have an early start to take part in sport activities (this part is so fun), because a sound mind requires a sound body. After breakfast some sponsors would also give motivation talks about business and the role they will play in the entrepreneurial reality TV show.  Candidates would then be paired into groups to perform in front of the judges passing a message about economical values or situations affecting the country through acting and dance. There after,  you will be given the opportunity to re-introduce yourself and re-pitch your business idea.

On the final day of the boot camp, contestants will be given a chance to briefly talk about themselves and their business idea to the judges one more time before they make their final decision as regards to who makes it into The Next Titan house.

The last night of the boot camp is a Top 50 party where the judges also celebrate and unwind with the contestants.

Finally, the big premiere comes up where the finalists who make it to The Next Titan Season 5 House would be announced. Then, the race for the N5,000,000  REALLY begins.

Good luck to The Top 50 candidates already chosen.

Good luck Lagos with your auditions this week!

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