Season 4 Registration Begins

THE NEXT TITAN is back for the 4th season scouting for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to demonstrate their entrepreneurial acumens with unbeatable business ideas, commercial insight and business savvy to stay out of eviction to win N 5,000,000 and a brand new car for the support of their business.

After regional auditions in Abuja, PH and Lagos, and the subsequent Top 50 Boot camp, the 16 finalists, who will live together for 10 weeks in the same house, will battle one another over 10 tough business tasks, and the 16 candidates will be gradually eliminated until one winner remains.

The 16 finalists will have very real street smarts in order to make it through the challenges, and the contestants will prove their entrepreneurial acumens through various businesses challenges on the 10-week show.

The TV Reality Show which is in its fourth season gives an opportunity to young talented Nigerians who have great and innovative business ideas to compete against one another in real-life entrepreneurial challenges in a bid to ultimately win Five Million Naira and a Brand New Car to start their new business or to support their existing business.

24 thoughts on “Season 4 Registration Begins

  1. How can i register for season 4

  2. I wish to be part of the,forth edition, because I think I have what it takes to excel if given the opportunity!

  3. i will like to context for the next titan season 4,which i believe without any quota of doubt that the golden price belongs to me with their is strict discipline and justify people are tghe one to panel tthe whole event,thanks for given me the opportunity to win 5,ooo,oo and brand new car,thanks for given me to challenge those who are prepare to challengwe me for the gold price for the event

  4. Hi, Can I Register now or is it from may 22 before I can register? Warm regards

  5. i this is a great opportunity i have been expecting for quite a while to exercise my gift,i am a musician,song writer,actor,script writer and model sometimes if i feel,i want to assure the panel and the contestant that this edition is already booked to be won by a man that have been working for the past three year ,they should go for the runer up,i mean second position which they can fit in because i will give them all a great challenge,in which i expect them to perepare for and the second runner up and othermas far as i am concern the car and the 5,000,000 belong to me if discipline and justice in observed at all phase of the event,thank you

  6. This is a life time opportunity!
    How do I register?

  7. I would love to share ideas..they are big and great.. I hope you give me the audience to show what i have to offer.. Thanks for this platform

  8. Thank you heritage bank for this opportunity I’m very grateful

  9. I want to apply

  10. I want to register

  11. Hello good evening I have been trying to register for the next titan for the past two month s but it not working.what should I do

  12. Am so so glad to be invited to be part of this great event, Oh God give me grace, wisdom and skills to impress the judges so that I can bring my dream to reality.

  13. Please how do I participate in this show?

  14. How do I register please?

  15. Look forward to participating

  16. I was suppose to be contacted about audition date and venue but haven’t gotten a mail yet.

  17. I am very much interested because i think I have got business acumen.

    1. I am grateful to b part of this show and I promise to do my possible best, I want to do this because i think am able, I have always been a business person, let’s see how it goes. Cheers…

      1. Hi just registered now how did I go?

  18. I am grateful to b part of this show and I promise to do my possible best, I want to do this because i think am able, I have always been a business person, let’s see how it goes. Cheers…

  19. I want to be a part of the Enugu audition

  20. I want to be a part of the team to register for the next titan season iv
    my number is 08144179332
    I live in Enugu State Nigeria

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