The Theme (2. Charisma)

Charisma, the 2nd part of our theme for The Next Titan Season 5 means compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. This is key when it comes to entrepreneurship because it is what makes people interested in you and what you have to say or sell. People with charisma have greater influence over others than those without this personal appeal. Charismatic people are more readily liked and trusted before people get to know them personally.

For this season’s Next Titan, we are looking for that WOW factor, or rock star quality that entrepreneurs can use to attract customers and powerful business relationships. Keep this in mind, your charisma opens the door for you. Ultimately, it’s the quality of your products/services, your integrity, and the authentic you, determine the longevity of these relationships. If your potential to be charismatic is not developed, you can take steps to change that today.

  • Be yourself; Simple as that sounds, it is very true as one cannot be charismatic without being authentic. Don’t try to be a version of someone else. Don’t edit your true personality to fit other people’s definition of who you are because eventually, the authentic, charismatic you will be the one people are going to admire, respect, and do business with.
  • Listen before you speak; People always want to feel like they are being heard, so listen attentively, acknowledge their opinions and ask questions because that shows them that you are interested in what they have to say.
  • Walk the talk; Walk with certainty and self-confidence. No matter what’s going on or where you find yourself, walk like you believe in yourself. Walk as if you own the world because the people you are doing business with want to see that you exude confidence. You might talk a good game but the way you walk into a room might discourage people from listening to you.
  • Be approachable; It is imperative that an entrepreneur possesses this quality as one needs to be warm and welcoming to customers or investors. Stay in tune with your audience. Ask questions and be open to feedback and questions. Study people and the best way to approach them, access situations and find the best way to approach them as this will also make you approachable.
  • Dress well; Like the old saying goes, “dress the way you want to be addressed”. As cliché as that sounds it is certainly true when it comes to business. Honestly, what draws people in and makes them notice you is the way you dress. So as an entrepreneur, you should dress appropriately and maintain a simple, modest style.

It is said that charismatic people always hold sway over others.

An entrepreneur applying for The Next Titan Season 5 should have this charismatic trait in his/her personality. So be charismatic and come for the prize!

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